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Welcome to Little Jac k's Corner!


Our Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Little Jack's Corner, a Waldorf Inspired School for Early Learning is to enrich the quality of family life by providing peace of mind to parents and to enhance the life experiences of the children in our care.

The philosophy of Little Jack's Corner School for Early Learning is based

on a set of strong beliefs dedicated to the spiritual, social, and academic

development of the holistic child.  The children are the future of our world.

We believe that each child is a unique individual.  We are sensitive to a child's social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs.  We provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning and help children enjoy successful experiences.  We encourage not just learning, but also the love of learning.


Our Indoor Classrooms


Snuggle Bugs-Infant Room

Ages birth - 12 months


Welcome to our infant classroom! Our infant program is designed to embrace and build loving connections with the children and their families.  Infants are encouraged to learn, explore, and build secure attachments with their educators in a safe and creative environment.  Supporting and encouraging families early on to create strong and concrete foundations are one of our priorities. It all begins in our infant room.

Tiny Tots

Ages 13 months - 2 years 


Welcome to our toddler classroom!  Our toddler program is designed to further build on the early foundation of the child that encourages a love of learning, self awareness, and self-help skills.  The indoor and outdoor environments are set up in a way that inspire first words,  model empathy/compassion, and challenge large/fine motor skills.  Toddlers enjoy a routine filled with stories and books, music and dance, art and sensory, and exportation at every corner all the while building trust with their teachers.

Preschool l

Ages 2 years - 3 years 


Welcome to our Preschool I classroom!  Adding to another layer of our preschoolers foundation their indoor and outdoor environments expand to include more hands-on materials, life skills, teachable moments while developing friendships through a variety of mentorships.

Preschool ll

Ages 3 years - 4 years


Welcome to our Preschool ll classroom.  Preschool ll is a continuous building of layers from Preschool l in addition to having designated groups for math, science, and phonics.  Teachers take more of an holistic approach by including more mentorships with our community.  Children form friendships with peers, Reading Buddies (students from a nearby elementary school), and senior citizens from a local retirement home. Children enjoy performing in their first Christmas program and families enjoy watching their child's talents come to life.


Ages 4 years - 5 years


Welcome to our Pre-Kindergarten classroom.  Children are strengthening their social and academical skills while mentoring what they've learned with empathy to our younger students.  The personalities of children begin to take root and blossom in preparation for Kindergarten.

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